A Guide to the Keto Diet


People today are in to the Keto diet since this is another way of losing fat quickly and efficiently.  In this method, you actually lose weight when the body uses the stored fats in it to give it energy, instead of using carbohydrates as its energy source.  Weight loss will result if the body uses its stored fats to fuel it.

If a person want to start a ketogenic diet, he must eat high fat diet and low protein with practically no carbohydrates or a very sparse amount.  Eighty percent fats and twenty percent protein should be the fat to protein ration of the meals that you are taking for the first two days.  If you want to bring your body into the ketogenic state, then you should be strict and diligent in following this diet for the first two days.  After this stage, you need to slowly reduce your fat intake and increase your protein intake, and you can slowly add carbohydrates too.  Protein is important so your muscles do not suffer.  Your Now Keto diet should then be increased in protein content, lesser fat content with a bit of carbohydrates.  We must understand why carbohydrates are minimized and this is because this is the one responsible for making us fat when it triggers the pancreas to release insulin which stores the calories as fats.  So when carbohydrates are absent this will not happen, meaning, insulin will not be released to store the calories as fat.

Without carbohydrates, which is our main source of energy, our bodies will start looking for something to burn as fuel.  And since fat is stored in our bodies, this will be the natural alternative to give the body energy for its needs instead of carbs.  This is what they call ketosis.  In this state body fat is lost since the body uses it for energy and your muscles are still maintained because of the presence of protein in your diet.

If you are able to sustain the fats-protein-carbohydrate ratio then you will be able to maintain the state of ketosis and be successful in your weight loss program.  The rule of this Now Keto diet is to eat fats to give your body energy and if the body needs more energy then it will start burning the stored up fat in your body.  In this type of diet, you don’t feel hungry because fat is slow to digest, so you will always feel full.

It will be alright to do the keto diet all through the week and during weekends you can have a carbs up day.  It is important that some days you take carbs since this will also allow the body to take in other important nutrients that the body needs for growth. Look for more information about diet at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dieting.


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